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Chevy Nova Background

The 1967 Chevy Nova was considered a "second generation" Nova by everyone associated with automobiles in the day.


These cars were a unique blend of style and "muscle", especially if you were fortunate enough to own one of the 1,700 or so super sport models (SS) from the approximately 117,000 standard Novas produced that year.

The 1967 Chevy Nova was one of the last of a great muscle car that is highly sought after today. There were just over 100,000 of these cars manufactured during 1967 and approximately 1,700 of these cars were produced as a "super-sport" model.

This car is considered to be a second generation build.

Second generation (1966

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Featured-1968 Camaro

This early model Camaro features a fantastic black paint scheme with a 502 big block powerhouse engine. When Glen starts the engine, the ground thumps from the powerful hotrod. This is a new project just completed in 2012.

Chevy Nova History

The Nova traces its roots to the 1962 model year, when it came to the rescue of a division that had put its compact-car "eggs" in one fragile basket....called the Chevrolet Corvair.


Cruizin-Nitro Antique Car Club Event

One of the great-looking rods at the cruise-in at the Putman County Bank in 2012, sponsored by the Nitro Antique Car Club. Check out for a complete list of "cruise-in and car show" events in the region.

This chopped 57 Chevy was gorgeous

I saw this 1957 Chevy at the Pigeon Forge Grand Rod Run in the spring of 2012. It captured a lot of attention sitting beside the main road. It was a transformation well done.

This  great looking truck featured in Huntington, WV

This great looking truck was featured at a show on the streets of Huntington, WV during the summer of 2015. One of the many trucks and well built rides at this event.

Super nice ride

This great looking ride was featured at the 2016 spring Sissonville, WV car show. One of the many great looking classics featured at this show.
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